Saturday, December 27, 2008

First Christmas

Nayeli was so adorable on Christmas. I woke her up in the morning so we could all have breakfast and open presents together and she didn't quite know what to think about being pulled from her slumber. She LOVED the chocolate chip pancakes that were waiting for her at the table. Then I got her cleaned up and dressed. She was so excited over all the gifts being opened and did a pretty good job her self. She may just be a pro by her birthday. On Christmas we opened all the presents Grandpa and Grandma Puetz sent. Austin got a tool bench, a racecar thingy-ma-bob, and a hotwheels car and truck. He loved it all. Nayeli got a little car/walker thing for her. It's Pooh brand and is pretty loud. She also got a new dolly... We named it Leah. Last but not least she got a bug that has shapes, songs and games. From the picture you get an idea of her excitement throughout the day. It was wonderful to have her and Austin playing with their toys and giggling and even sort of fighting over who got to play with what. I loved it... but don't I always. :-)

We're going to be celebrating Christmas some more with Jeremy's parents on Monday. :-)

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