Wednesday, November 12, 2008

An Early Autumn Afternoon

Today after work I had a dentist appointment to make sure my dry socket is doing what it's suppose to be doing. It is, so that was good news. When I got home I woke the kids up and we grabbed a couple things to snack on and headed out the door for a walk. We took the path we take to get to the park that's further away, but we found a picnic table nestled in some trees and ate our snack there. Then we back tracked to the park that's right out back.

Nayeli really enjoyed the swing today and was full of giggles. I found that if I just gave her a couple of good pushes I could run and go down the slide, or across the bridge with Austin and then just go back and push Nayeli again. I had a lot of fun with the kids. I hope that had as much fun with me!

I found some branch/twig type things that look a little like bamboo shoots and I'm hoping Jeremy will give me the okay to frame the mirror in our bedroom with them. I'm really excited if he agrees that it's okay.

I'm so glad we had a warmer day today. It's been really cloudy and cold the past few days and I think we all needed the fresh air we got. I went a little picture happy on our outing and I thought I'd share a few. Enjoy!!

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