Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Halloween and Stuff

Halloween was nice. Jeremy had work, but we got a picture before he went off to do his thing and the kids and I went off to do our thing. :-) I had planned on us going out for about two hours, and we ended up out for three. We went to the neighborhood near the park that is ten minutes walking distance from where we live. There weren't too many kids out at first but Austin was excited and so adorable. He was a pirate and I gave him an earring to wear hooked over his ear. He hated it at first but everyone complimented him on it, now he's still trying to get me to let him wear it. :-P

Nayeli was an angel, not costume-wise, but her demeanor. She was a pumpkin for trick-or-treating. She sat sweetly in her stroller and only fussed when we were about 30 seconds from walking in the door. We didn't get a lot of candy, but that wasn't the point. We met neighbors and made a couple of friends, and even bumped into a couple and their son who we had met at church. I'm so glad it went as nicely as it did. :-D

November 1st/October "32nd" was Jeremy's and my 6 monthiversary. He gave me this gorgeous sapphire necklace. It is sooo breathtaking! He is such a sweet and thoughtful person. He also did all the dishes! I was ecstatic about that!!

On August 21st for my "half birthday" he gave me sapphire earrings that I adore as well. :-) They are pictured below.

Not too much other news going on... We're both working hard, at work and with the kids at home. It would be nice to have some more time for us, but we understand that it can be a difficult thing to find with two little kiddos around. We love them though and they make life fun and interesting. We're still hoping to find a babysitter and get some time out as soon as we can though. :-P

Oh... We've started birthday shopping, and I guess Christmas shopping for Austin. We also have some ideas on what to get Nayeli. We're excited for both and hoping to be able to get them everything we want to. Gift cards that certain family members are sending are REALLY going to help out. Two big things we want to get for Austin are a bed that has shelves on the headboard and drawers underneath and a bicycle with training wheels that can be taken off. We're looking to get Nayeli something that has to do with music since she loves hearing music and singing along herself. :-)

Also, we're expecting some visitors near Austin's birthday. His uncle Derek will be one of them. We haven't seen Derek in a little over a year, so that should be a nice little thing for everyone.

Now that I think about it I'm sure there's more, but I'm drawing a blank at the moment. I'll write again when more comes to me! :-D

**I remembered!! Around Thanksgiving we may be going down to southern Kansas to visit Jeremy's parents or they may be coming up here. This will be my first time meeting them and I'm very excited. From what Jeremy says I think we may all get along very well. I can't wait! :-)

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Nicole.Ann said...

Where do you live at currently in Kansas and where do his parents live?! My cousin-in-law is from Southern Kansas....