Tuesday, November 25, 2008



It's my baby's birthday and I'm so glad I've got him. He's an amazing little person and lights up my life, and the lives of so many others. :-)

He got to have a pretty busy birthday weekend and I think he's about all birthday-ed out. ;-)
I could have bought a used car with how much money people spent on him this birthday. Next year I think I might have to give people maximum limits. I am grateful though to have people who care and thank you to all the family members who sent things and gave Austin some special b-day fun.
Here are a couple of pictures on Austin's special day!

The fun starts opening a birthday card full of stickers from Grandma and Grandpa Cookie!

Already wore out, the day before his birthday he napped on the way to fun in Kansas City.

We parked at Dorothy #4 for Austin's 4th birthday. :-D
Lucky me, he's been really into The Wizard of Oz for the past two weeks, so we was up in arms when we marched down the yellow brick road.

We took him to the T-Rex Cafe which had life-size anamatronic dinosoars, amongst other things. He really wasn't too sure about it, but when Jeremy and I showed him a fish tank with "Dory" fish he cracked a smile. The night only got better!

A birthday sundae for the birthday boy!

In the movie theater before seeing Madagascar 2.

Austin's beautiful eyes while playing with a balloon meant for him on his birthday.
(It really is his b-day in this pic.)


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Anonymous said...

Austin's Birthday was my favorite memory to date..... I love that boy and miss him dearly <3