Monday, November 10, 2008

A Swell Day

Today was great! I ran to the dentist before work because I was pretty sure my pulled tooth was now a dry socket, and it is, but I have opted to let nature take it's course and just heal on my own. If it becomes too painful I have the option of having it compacted with medicine and trying to get a new blood clot to form.

Work went well. It was slower than normal today, but my co-workers were talkative, and I was not, so for a little bit of a change I listened more than I talked! I had pleasant customers and work was just overall nice.

When I got home Jeremy made some hamburgers and I got to read for a little bit, then I gave both the kids showers and played blocks with Austin. We also played "hit the balloon" for the fifth day in a row. I'm glad to announce Austin no longer has a fear of balloons. He laughs when they pop and actually trys to pop them himself. :-P

Tomorrow is another long day at work, but if it was as pleasant as today I don't mind a bit! I'm sad to say it's just after nine and I'm about ready for bed. I'll probably be up another three hours though. Hopefully it's three hours of learning/relaxing/holding my munchkins! :-D

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