Wednesday, March 12, 2008

A Model Newborn

In Wisconsin it is imperative to STAY WARM. Mommy makes sure I stay warm by keeping me bundled up when we go outside. Of course, now that inklings of spring are starting to show, I don't need to wear quite as much every time I'm taken out.

Staying inside requires different attire. Mom's got the apartment at a toasty 76, so I can get away with a long sleeved onesy and a hat. This makes diaper changes faster and the strain on mom's and Austin's ears smaller. (I don't like my dirty diapers!)

Lounging around never looked so good. Thanks to a lot of nice people I have an adorable wardrobe. Mommy was sent to Wisconsin with plenty of clothes for a baby girl. Luckily, that girl is me! My lounging has recently, as of today, progressed to actual moving. I was having my tummy time and I scooted my body in a circle. My tummy stayed in the same spot, but boy did my legs to a lot of squirming! Mobility aside, I actually am quite content to be propped into a sitting position. As long as mom is next to me and doesn't let me tip too far I am happy!

When babies attack!
I'll be there leading the way! :-D Mom snapped this shot of me before I was even a week old. I am even better at holding my head up now. People need to be careful when they carry me because I like to throw myself backwards.

In other recent happenings in my life, I have started cooing and making random noises a lot more. I have a lot to say, unfortunately most of the time I am not understood. :-S ;-)

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