Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Austin the Smart

Austin was So interested in reading today. We must have read books for two hours straight... My throat still hurts! I am so glad he is showing interest though. He recognizes many words and has started making his own rhymes! I can't believe all the things he can do. I think he's so smart!

The other day I needed to use the restroom and the baby started crying. Austin pet her head and told her it was okay, then he found her pacifier and gave it to her and she stopped crying! He's such a great help.
Today he helped make mac and cheese for dinner. He loves cooking. We danced around the kitchen while waiting for the water to boil. It was such a good time! :-)

We visited my moms church on Sunday and Austin went into the nursery. I had three people tell me how good he was for the woman in charge. They couldn't believe how warm and friendly he was. I was very proud of him. :-D

Austin is having a lot of fun getting to know his Wisconsin family better. He can distinguish between his many sets of grandparents and great grandparents. (He also knows who grandpa and grandma Green are, since their last visit.)

It's difficult to be so far away from California. Austin and I both miss the weather, the swimming and of course our family and friends. We can't wait to come out for a visit some time! :-) Until then we keep getting a little more used to cold and snow every day... It's really not that bad! :-)
the Fam.

Austin with a snowman we built.

Austin and his uncle Tim. (Visiting from Colorado)

Austin and his uncle Isaiah.

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Barbara said...

What a good boy, helping Mommy and making Nayeli feel better! I'm so proud of you Austin.