Sunday, January 27, 2008

Life in Wisconsin

We've been in Wisconsin for two months now. We're almost completely settled in. The baby will make for a few more changes, but we're ready. Austin says things like "I got a new baby sister in mama's tummy," once in a while.

He read a book right around the new year. It's called Bugs, Bugs, Bugs." There are seven words in it, but he's got all seven down and recognizes them in other books as well. :-D

In our new apartment Austin is sleeping in his very own twin bed with a spiderman bed set. He has an adjustable basketball hoop, a skateboard, a tricycle, and a sled. He really likes to stay active!

When the weather is above twenty degrees we go outside and build snowmen and run around.. and go on walks. We're both still pretty excited with each new snowfall and will sit with our faces in the window to watch the flakes fall to the ground. :-)

We miss our friends and family in CA very much, but we keep in contact with a few over the phone and would love to hear from anyone else who wants to call. Also, some of the Zygutis family has relatives in Chicago and can visit us when they're nearby. (It's only an extra two hours, and we're willing to find a way to meet them down there.)

Our first planned trip to see anyway a little further away is in June. We're hoping to get down to Arkansas for the Green Family Reunion. I'm very excited for this, and I'm sure Austin will be happy to hop on a train again. :-)

Austin's birthday went well. In total he had three or four birthday cakes. There was one party in CA and I think two more in WI. Christmas and Christmas celebrations came soon after. Sometimes Austin still thinks we're going to get presents when we go to visit someone. It was basically our whole first month here that that was all that happened!

We don't have cable or internet in our home yet, but we go to the library and use family's computers when they are available. Austin has become very good at drawing and coloring. Some of his pictures are amazing. He also has a love for Mr. Potato Head. He has... 12 potato heads or so I think. :-O Train tracks and blocks fascinate the munchkin, as does building desks and shelves and anything that needs to be put together! He's good at so many things!!

Among his many talents and hobbies Austin helps me out in the kitchen. I think he likes preparing muffins the best, but he gets a kick out of helping with the Mac and Cheese too. :-)

I'll try to keep everyone posted as best as I can. Please feel free to e-mail and call. I suppose I better get on sending out a mass e-mail with all our new contact info. Look for that! :-)

We miss and love you all!!!

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