Thursday, November 15, 2007

FINALLY, an update!

Hello Family and Friends!!!
Life has been a little insane this year and the website hasn't always been the friendliest when I try to update, but here I am again to give you the low down on Austin Eric!

Austin is still working on potty training. He has been doing a great job and for the past three weeks he has only went threw one pack of diapers.

After the evacuation due to the SoCal fires was lifted we started working on reading and Austin now recognizes the words baby, mama, daddy, Austin, fish, diapers and cow. He loves to use his flashcards and learn, learn, learn!

The little bugs birthday is coming up at the end of November and he will be three! The day after his birthday we're hopping on an Amtrak and heading to Wisconsin. (Just in time for winter.) We're hoping for some warmer clothes than we own from Santa. :-)

Austin is expecting a little sister in early February, and he does cute things like saying he has a baby in his belly, and running up to me, lifting my shirt so he can see my stomach and saying "Hiii baby, ur so cute!" He then blows rasberries. :-)

Recently Austin decided that "Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles" is one of his favorite movies. It's driving me insane, but it's still adorable! He also like to watch "Happy Feet," it's about a dancing penguin.

We hope you're all well this holiday season and I will try to get back into updating this... I might have to keep the slideshows off, but I can do a picture here and there. Thanks for checking in and God bless! :-D

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