Friday, March 7, 2008

My 1st Day In "The Real World" (Out of the Hospital)

Life lesson #1 - How to Pick a Nose. ;-) My big brother got to hold me, and he wanted to teach me. We went to grandma J.'s house for a couple days before settling back in our own place. It was nice for Mom to still have someone around before taking on both Austin and myself!

Don't I look super strong? My uncle found a ripped dollar bill and he and mom set me up like this. They think I'm the sweetest girl. :-)

I was pink like the towel I was laying on. This is right before my first sponge bath outside of the hospital. I wasn't too fond of it, but my big brother got in right after me and he loved it! I've been very happy with bath time since I lost my umbilical cord. I coo in the tub! :-)

Just before bedtime, Mom laid Austin and me side by side to see if I was really that small. It's not as apparent in this close up, but if you were see the full length of both of us side by side... Well, then you would know why he's called my BIG brother. :-D

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