Thursday, March 6, 2008

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January 28, 2008
And like Bang! I'm born... (Out in three pushes) 19 inches long, 8 pounds even. Mom was in labor (water breaking til birth) for just over five hours. Unfortunately for her, the first epidural she was given didn't work, and the second didn't kick in until just before she started pushing. (Ouch!) Other than that there were no complications!!!

It was a day to remember! :-D Taking pictures was my God-mother/Great-aunt Mary. She was there in the delivery room for mom and me.

<---- I didn't open my eyes much at the hospital. Besides the fact that I had just been born, I couldn't stand bright lights! I screamed very loudly anytime someone turned one on or brought me into a well lit room. However, mom got this picture by having me outside of a room with a light on. :-)

Tiny Feet! My big brother Austin welcomed me to the world with some petting and tattling. The first thing he said when he saw me was "She kick me in the face!" He must have a great memory because I hadn't kicked him for a week or so, and when I did I was in mom's stomach... and when I was in there he tried kicking me back! Welcome to the world and welcome to sibling rivalry I guess. ;-)

Nayeli Elizabeth is the name I was given; in case you couldn't tell from my blog title, or the fact that you probably know that already if you're looking at this site. ;-) Nayeli is a Native American name/word, from the Zapotec tribe. (They're from Mexico.) It means "I love you." My middle name means "God's vow" or "God's promise." My parents, both being from the mid west, figured with a first name like Nayeli (pronounced Nah-yell-ee) it would be more suitable for me to have a common middle name. :-) Dad calls me Naya, my brother, Austin, calls me En-ellie, mom calls me princess, pretty and Naya Beth, and my grandma J. calls me Nellie. Someday I might figure out what my actual name is! ;-)

I am just over a month old right now, and my mom is a picture-holic, and whenever she finds time, between giving my brother and I all the attention we need, to update this with stories and pictures, she is going to!

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