Sunday, March 30, 2008

A Beautiful Day

Today was fantastic. We went for a walk, to the park, and bowling. Austin was brave at the park, he climbed around and went down the slide and crossed a shaky bridge all by himself. He was pretty good at bowling. The hardest part for him is letting other people take turns, but he made it through. It was him, uncle Isaiah and myself. Austin almost beat me the first game. :-O

Tonight he colored the most beautiful picture of a chicken and two eggs. He filled the entire page with bright colors! It looks magnificent!

When I told him it was time for bed, instead of screaming and reaching for a couch cushion to hang on to for dear life, he ran to his bedroom and climbed under the covers. Omigosh was I amazed and relieved.

I grabbed a bedtime story to read, "Rapid Robert Roadrunner," and Austin read the words run, sand, cactus and again all throughout the book. It was great! It's incredible seeing him learn, and exciting as well!

We snapped a couple pictures on our outside excursion, and bowling. Enjoy!!!

He looks cute, but he yearns to get down from the fence!

I think I've mentioned how much he like to put things together and take things apart... He's trying to unscrew the top of the fire hydrant.

Rolling! Or bowling. Whatever's easiest to say, right?

Oooh, how all the cool kids bowl. (He did throw a couple on his own though.) He loves lugging around that 10 pound ball... Better the ball than his sister I suppose. ;-P

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