Saturday, September 23, 2006

Austin in September

Told you I'd get some pictures up eventually. August ones are still going to have to wait though...
Regulate speed by hitting the forward button, if you want it to go faster than I've set it...
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Each caption has a number that correlates w/ the number at the top of the slide.

~Captions for slideshow~
1Austin started wearing size 7 shoes this month.
grandma johnston got him these nikes.

2We tried out a halloween costume...

3It got to him after a while...

4then he got used to it, and even enjoyed it... I had to pry it off of him actually.

5Randomly my son picks of pieces of garbage and contemplates their meaning. (This was a straw wrapper.)

6Austin has friends to play w/ during the day now, as I am babysitting for a couple of kiddies.

7Oh yeah, he's a little daredevil. He's totally sitting on something he should NOT be sitting on. He fell shortly after this picture. (No injury was aquired.)

8We were outside when daddy came home one day and Austin ran to greet him. In return Sam let Austin on the bike and started it up.

9Biking boy!

10Time for a walk... and look at that little man march.

11Following the path before him.

12With all that biking and walking he worked up an apetite. :-)

13And then he passed out. It was quite funny. He was snacking, looked over at me and said, "nigh nigh," and pretty much just passed out on the couch.

14Next day, same clothes... more lounging. (They were his "night" clothes both days.)

15Here is right after he got in trouble for playing with the screen on the sliding door.

16Check him out! This little dude is surfin'...

17He even said "SURFIN'!" as he crouched w/ his arms out on the ironing board.

18Smart move on my part... I let him feed himself yogurt... clothed.

19What a MESS!!!

20One of Austin's best buds, Michael. :-D

21Austin being a ball hog.

22And now he's ticked off because Michael tried to take a different ball.

23This is at Michael's house on one of mommy's "Girl's Nights."

24We went out to Killer Pizza from Mars and Austin got into some video games.
25Route 66 in San Bernadino... lots of old, nice looking cars. Austin wasn't too fond of the revving of engines.

26TGI Fridays.

27Austin was scooping up sour cream w/ his hand and eating it straight! :-P YUCK!!!

28Before going to a little daycare group thing he does once a month. (Isn't he so handsome??)

29Not wanting to finish getting ready. He's such a little man with his arms crossed.

30Awww! He's hugging his friend Livi.:-D

31It's almost the same "popeye" face he did when he was a baby. :-D

32He thinks mommy is silly.

33And juice is always good.

34Getting in some practice before Halloween.

35He was defending his chair.

36Just being a little goofball reacting to something on tv.

37Green Go... or as Austin likes to say "Go, Go, GO!"

38Must not have had a long enough nap.

39Poor thing.

40We thought about mailing him to one of you... but he kept trying to eat the peanuts. :-P (YEAH right! We'd never ship him away! How would we possibly entertain ourselves without him?)

41A little more energy before bed. He HAD to wear his boots.

42Silly guy.

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