Friday, September 8, 2006

So so Much!

Unfortunately our internet has been down for quite some time and before it was down we were very busy. Thus the updating this site has been on hold for some time... But, have no fear, because we are back!

August was a very busy and eventful month, because I want to tell you about cute things Austin's done and because it is almost midnight I am not doing a photo blog right now, but as soon as I have time you will see pictures.

Sam came home August 7th. We watched the hovercraft come to shore and it was a very cool experience. I told Austin that daddy was on the boat. After the craft landed we had to drive back to where Sam would be getting off. Austin kept pointing at the machines saying "daddy, boat?" And I said, "Yes, daddy is on the boat." Also while we were waiting there were a number of people in uniform and Austin kept saying, "daddy? that daddy?" It was adorable. When Sam finally approached us Austin was a stinker and turned away, then he gave him the silent treatment for a little less than an hour. Of course now everything is fine and Austin is very happy to have Sam home, as am I. Often times yet Austin points to Sam's pictures and says, "Daddy! Daddy!" (That's how I tried to keep him fresh in Austin's head while he was gone.)

On August 15th Austin got his 1st haircut. I was helping Sam clip his hair and Austin was watching. He started patting his head so Sam pulled him near and gave him a buzz w/ a number 2. Next time were going number 1 on him. He has been very cute with his short fuzzy hair and it's fun to see it grow in. Now it looks more like Sam's thick hair than my thin hair.

Around the same time as his haircut Austin started saying thank you rather regularly. We are still working on please but he is getting better every day.

One of Austin's new words that I think is impressive is "helicopter." In living next to base we see our fair share of helicopters every day and one day we were outside and Austin hears the chopper, points up and says, "what's that?" I say, "It's a helicopter. Can you say heli-cop-ter?" Austin goes "hehcoper." So sweet!

Grandma Johnston (my mom) and Grandpa Eric came to visit August 26-September 1. There was a lot going on while they were here... We went to the wild animal park, sea world, the zoo and the beach several times. Austin also got a new bike. He loves saying the word "bike" and he can say "helmet" or "hehmet" as well. He is also very good about wearing his helmet when he goes on his bike.

On August 31st Austin went to his first birthday party of a friend. It was a backyardigans pirate theme birthday and it was very cool. Austin was so cute, but I felt a little bad because he thought the party was for him and kept trying to get all the attention... He was pretty good though and got cake and hit a pinata, and got to play with some of his friend Michael's new birthday toys. :-)

That is pretty much all I can think of to say at the moment. The past few days I have been watching one of my friends sons. Austin has a playmate for the day. He's adjusting okay, but sometimes he gets angry that someone else is playing with his toys and if I have someone else on my lap Austin must be there too.

I will post pictures for as many of the above mentioned events as I have pictures for and I should be able to keep this a little more up to date now that summer is over. We'll see. Hope everyone is well and we send hugs and kisses!

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