Thursday, October 28, 2010

A Letter for Nayeli Belly Boo

Dear Booboo,
You are a beautiful, amazing princess!  I love watching you develop your sweet, silly personality.  I think it's great that you can play rough with your big brother, and soft and gentle with your little brother.  You are incredibly smart!  I can't believe you can count to 20 and say the seven continents and your just over two and a half!!

I love your high pitched voice and how you sing and dance all the time.  I love the faces you make all the time.

I love our time together now, but I also look forward to the future.  I hope I can always let you know how sweet and smart and special you are to me.  I know we'll have our conflicts, but I hope that we can always come to an understanding.

Your so little and already such an incredible little person, I can only imagine that you'll get better with time.

I love YOU Nayeli!♥

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