Friday, October 8, 2010

Life is Worth Fighting For

Blogging about Kheaven's Down syndrome is completely awkward for me.  Really.  :)

I'm doing it though because Google is what I turned to when I had questions about Ds, and from Google I was directed to blogs.  From those blogs I was directed to more and more and more blogs.  From ALL of these blogs I found families that were just like mine but with an extra chromosome.

I'm also doing it because 90-93%(the statistics vary) of women who find out prenatally that they are carrying a child who may have Ds decide to abort.  It hurts my heart and soul to know that they give up the chance to know and love a wonderful little child who, should they believe it or not, they would love as much as any other child they may have.  Life will never be perfect for anyone, we are never given guarantees.  You can have a baby with Ds who will be bright, healthy, and happy.  You can have a typically developing child who has a world of "problems."  You just never know.

I hope that by looking at and reading about my son, and any other child you find from bloggers that you would just give your baby a chance if you're faced with that decision.

♥He/She is SO worth it.♥


Foursons said...

I ask this out of complete respect and mean absolutely no disrespect. How do you deal with the future knowing that he may never be able to leave your home or care? What are your plans for him when you and your husband have passed away and he is an adult male w/Ds unable to care for himself? That would be my biggest concern if I were a parent of a child w/Ds. To have to care for them for the rest of their lives- that seems like almost too much to bear.

A Lady Called Amy said...