Tuesday, October 5, 2010

I Never Knew...

Before having Kheaven the idea of having a child with "special needs" scared me.  I didn't know if I'd be good enough.  I thought I'd have to spread myself thin.  I thought it would be a burden.

It's not a burden.  At least, it's not anymore of a "burden" than caring for any other child.  I have the same hopes and fears for all of my children.

I hope that I can raise them all in an environment where they can become the best them possible!

Having a child with "special needs" has blessed my life in that I am grateful for every moment, from dirty diapers to milestones.  I feel like my life has been tremendously enhanced.  It's so weird that I used to fear the opposite.♥


Cindy said...

Looking in at this world can seem pretty scary. But once you've 'joined the club' it's actually fairly normal! :)

What is normal anyway??

Nicole.Ann said...

I love being a part of the special needs community....I find so much enjoyment out of it than I do anything else :-)