Sunday, October 3, 2010

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Kheaven had an appointment with a pediatric neurologist last Thursday.  He's had some head shaking since about four months of age.  Sometimes it seems this is directly related to his Nystagmus.(wiggly eyes)  It has never interfered with how he does things, at not to my knowledge.  He had an EEG done a while back but the results came back that it wasn't seizure related.  Because the head shaking has changed from shaking no, to nodding yes, to wobbling like a bobble head they decided to do another EEG.  It also came back negative for seizures.  So, thankfully, we don't need seizure medication.  I have read that it can take a typically vibrant child and sort of make them zone out.

Anyway, since it's not related to seizures and since he has Nystagmus the neurologist gave me the following scenarios...
*It's a tick and nothing more.
*It's "Spasmus Nutans" which can also just be a tick that goes away by about age three.
*It's "Spasmus Nutans" caused by a cyst or tumor in the mid-line of his brain.

I'm not so excited about that last scenario, though going into the appointment I knew the reason we were getting the shaking checked up on is because it can be a sign of a tumor.

The plan is, Kheaven is going to have an MRI done on his brain.  Since he's a little, wiggly baby he needs to be sedated for it.  After the MRI we'll have another appointment, the same day, with the neurologist and he'll tell me what's going on.
I am praying for the best.  I hope that anyone reading this will say a prayer as well.

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Nicole.Ann said...

Amy, I will keep you and Kheaven in my prayers...please keep me posted!! I hope it all turns out well. He's such a sweet little boy :-)