Sunday, November 14, 2010

Autumn, Finally

Life hasn't been easy for the past month or so.  God is giving me strength, I believe, because if he wasn't I wouldn't be able to type this now.  Jeremy and I are no longer together.  I see no point in trying to hide it, or not writing about it.  I'm public about a lot of my life, I always have been.  Sometimes people find strength in the observations of another's struggle.  Maybe some good can come of this?

The kids are doing well!  Halloween was fine, we all still went out trick-or-treating as a family, and that was nice since he's been living with a friend lately.  From what I can tell the kids take their emotional cues from me.  If I'm okay, they're okay...  It's good to see them okay, because then I think I must be holding it together nicely.  ;-)  

^LOOK!^ Cheese-heads in Kansas.  There IS a reason I love it here!

Kheaven was in the hospital at the beginning of the month with croup.  We spent three days there, with him getting breathing treatments and shots of steroids.  A couple of days after he was released both of the other kids and myself got sick.  We are all on the tail end of it now though, and I am SO glad!  Sick babies while you're a sick mama is NO fun!
I am very blessed to have the support system I have.  My co-workers, especially, have been extraordinary.  They are my pseudo-family.  :)  I am also very blessed to have a non-coworker "family member," Kheaven's God-mother.  She has been very helpful and supportive.  I shouldn't forget to mention Kheaven's Infant Child Development team.  They are and always have been amazing people!  I know that I will endure and eventually life will seem normal to me again.  

I will continue to update when I can.  If I don't have the chance to update beforehand.  

♥Happy Thanksgiving to all!♥


ch said...

Hey...I recognize that water tower. :0) (I graduated from Chapman...)

Love, love all the pictures. Delicious eye candy you've got there...

Cindy said...

I read your post earlier today but haven't been able to stop thinking about you. I'm sorry to hear about you and Jeremy. I don't know you so I hope I'm not being too forward but, is there hope for reconciliation?

Your family will be in my prayers.

P.S. LOVE your pictures! Your kids are gorgeous!