Thursday, November 25, 2010

Ahh! I love stages of development!

Kheaven has been super spongy the past week or so.  Actually, it's been the past three weeks, because it seems like I noticed it the day after Halloween.  :-D

Tonight for instance, he has
said/sang Amen after prayer with the kids,
sang la, la, la,
sounded like he tried to say birthday, came out "berrrrduh"
said, "yeah" when I was reading the book, "I Can, Can You?"
let go of me to stand on his own, but then grabbed back on quickly...
moved between pieces of furniture while cruising,
made "gassy" noises using his tongue while crawling into the bathroom,
picked up a fake flower, held it over his head and said "umbrella" - When I said, "No, that's a flower," he held it to his nose and sniffed it!  :)

There were a few other things he did that were just...  amazing...  :)
All my littles are amazing.
Sometimes I think I'm just going to burst with love and appreciation of them!

Austi is six today...  I keep thinking about how absolutely adorable Nayeli is going to look in the dress my Grammy made for her.  I'll post pix of that.  :)

Happy Thanksgiving on time!

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