Saturday, October 11, 2008

The Zoo!

Today we all went to the zoo for the "Pumpkin PaZOOla!" Kids were free with a paid adult and we only have one kid that costs anything, so it worked out nice. :-) Each of the munchkins got a pumpkin. Austin colored his at a table while we were there and he is going to color Nayeli's as soon as a find a permanent marker. ;-) He was adorable while deciding which one to get. He didn't even really want one until he saw other kids coloring on theirs. Then he decided it might not be such a bad idea.

It was Nayeli's first time at the zoo. She didn't get too excited over the animals, but she loved all the other little kids that were there. She behaved super well, we were very impressed!

Austin did a really good job walking around so much. He loved seeing all of the animals and smiled most of the time we were there. The only time he didn't smile when he was begging us not to leave. :-S He fed a giraffe, a couple of goats, and some sheep. He also got very close to a goose and a big tortoise. He loved the reptile and amphibian room with the snakes and frogs. There were some frogs in there that looked just like mint chocolate chip. It was crazy!!

I was impressed by the Indian Rhino in a barn and the huge camels. I liked the timber wolves too.

Oooh, near the end of our visit Austin got to crawl into the bear cage. He was in a little protective glass thing inside the cage, but it was awesome and he loved doing it. He went through three times!

It was a beautiful day and a fun Autumn activity! I'm so glad we got to go! Pictures will be up as soon as I can get them off my phone! ;-)

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