Sunday, October 12, 2008


Today the kids and I went to try out a church in town. Jeremy had work so he couldn't make it. We were planning on visiting a different church but a few days ago at the mall I met a woman who asked if I went to a church yet and when I mentioned this weekend I was going to try one she mentioned hers. It just so happens she's the third or fourth person I've met who has mentioned this church. I like to think I can take a hint, so I decided I would try this one first.

It was really nice. The sermon was pleasant, the music was great and I think I already love the people. Normally I am very uncomfortable visiting churches. I don't like not knowing anyone and honestly, some churches are weird and send off bad vibes.

This one wasn't bad at all, and I may be jumping the gun because I desperately want to belong to something out here, but I already feel like they're family. (To a small degree.) And I suppose that's true because we are all brothers and sisters in Christ. :-)

Anyway, Austin went to Junior Church and I took Nayeli to the main service with me after sitting in with Austin for a few minutes. We all had a nice time and attended a newcomers luncheon afterwards.

It was slightly akward but I talked with a woman named Corrie and saw another lady I felt I might click with, not to mention the woman who last invited me. Her name is Darcy and I sat with her. Her husband plays guitar in the band.

There's an open gym this coming Thursday or Friday for pre-schoolers and I'd really love to get Austin involved. There are also several other things for moms throughout the month. I'm really excited and hope that it continues to be as enjoyable as it was today! :-D


Bri said...

Glad you're doing so well! Having that sense of belonging makes everything easier. Love ya!

Power Up Love said...

" we are all brothers and sisters in Christ. :-)" You're so right.