Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Monday Ritual

Monday is Jeremy's only day off. Recently I changed my availability at work so that I was open to work Monday's considering Jeremy is willing to watch the kids. This has had a slight effect on our Monday ritual of going out to do something fun as a family. We still do something "special" together. It's just that our time frame is shorter.

Last night we all went to McDonalds during my lunch break. Jeremy had the kids dressed and ready to go when I pulled in the driveway. Nayeli was in this adorable polk-a-dot outfit and Austin was in a striped shirt with shorts that almost matched and the only shoes that could be found.

Austin ran into McDonalds when we arrived ranting about what toy he wanted. It was an excited rant. He bumped into a woman as he was running in and she said, "Excuse me," in a kind tone, he paused turned and said, "Oh! Thank you," then ran off to decide what toy he wanted most. :-)

Jeremy and I decided to try new sandwiches. He got the club and I got the BLT ranch. Mine was delicious, his was Okay. It's so fun to eat with him because he doesn't mind sharing or mixing and matching our food. It's great being able to try two meals in one visit. I think it's sort of funny, and super sweet when I like what he got better than what I got and he gives me his. :-) Such a sweety!

Nayeli sat in a highchair for the first time while we were out. She had a couple of french fry segments, pieces of my sandwich bun and some lettuce. :-D She's getting so big! Austin played with the car he got most of the time, but ate the rest after they went back home after dropping me back off at work.

Ahh, on the way out of the parking lot my soda flew off the top of the car. It's hard putting two kids in the car, thinking your going to be late for the second half of your shift and remembering to grab your soda before you get in the car. Well, at least it's hard for me. Jeremy didn't forget to grab his drink though, so I got to sip on that after eating a few more frys in the car. :-) Yay for scheduled family time. :-D

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