Friday, October 17, 2008

Fish Tycoon

Jeremy and I recently got into playing online games together. One that we really enjoyed was Fish Tycoon. Jeremy decided the full version might be more satisfying for us, so he got it!

In the game we get to buy fish eggs and watch our fish grow. We have to prevent or fight disease in the fish and feed them, and find seven magic fish. There are 400 combinations of fish we can make and Jeremy seems very intent on discovering every breed. :-) :-P

I made a little section in one of my notebooks to keep track of the specific fish we have "found." Yes, I'm a little OCD with the game too. The part I enjoy though is making money when we sell our fish.

We are so addicted to this game that when I go to bed at night I see fish and bubbles when I close my eyes. I also have dreams pertaining to the game. It's ridiculous!

I've found the past couple of days I've been a little less interested in the game, although when Jeremy comes up with cool new combinations I'm back staring at the computer again. :-P I like it when we're playing the game and have a little while to wait for our new batch of fish to be born, because then we get to play other online games together and some of them are really fun.

We've played Family Fued, Texas Twist <-- I think that's the name, and one called Jojo's Fashion Show. I was never really into playing online games but I like it sometimes. :-D It's a fun thing to do together and actually sort of relaxing! :-)

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