Sunday, October 19, 2008

Austin's Not so Happy Meal

Austin got a happy meal tonight with no toy. Poor kid. I drove the 30 seconds it takes to drive to McDonalds and got him it. I mean, without the toy it's just a meal. Here are some new pictures. :-)
This was colored by Austin with a normal pencil and an orange colored pencil. :-D He loves talking about heros and know that firefighters and police officers are heros, along with the ones he sees in his coloring books or in movies. He likes playing pretend and "rescuing" me so he can be my hero. I don't mind at all cuz I think he's the best hero there ever was and I'm very glad he's mine! ;-)

When I wasn't looking Austin drew some bugs and a hockey stick. Honestly when I find his artwork lying around I think someone else must have done it until I remember no one else is around. That is of course after questioning Jeremy. But then I see Austin creating right in front of me and I have to believe. :-)

Austin got "The Pirates Who Don't Do Anything" Veggie Tales movie from Jeremy as an early birthday present. He drew a picture of the "killer cheese curls."

These are the actual cheese curls from the movie. They're hysterical!

Austin outside playing with dead dandilions. Like any little kid he likes blowing them apart and watching the pieces float away.♥

He's got the cutest cheeks ever! I love his little face!

I just can't get enough of this gorgeous little man! He is so funny and sweet! The other day I was asking him random questions and I asked him what his last name was and he said, "I'm Austin..." and I said, "You're Austin what?" He goes, "I'm Austin Buggy." LoL! How can I argue with that. I told him he is indeed Austin buggy, but that his last name is green. It might take a while for it to sink in though because every time I've asked since then he still refers to himself as "Austin Buggy." Gotta love him!!!

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