Thursday, October 16, 2008

Bumps, Bruises and More!

Nayeli is growing up in leaps and bounds! Early this morning I noticed a tooth has finally broken through! I was wondering why her gumming on me was starting to hurt so much more. I thought her jaw just got stronger. :-P Last weekend was the princess' first visit to a zoo. She was more interested in the other zoo goers than the animals, but there was an orangatang who was very interested in her. Her big brother picked out a cute little pumkin for her and helped her color it while we were there. Afterall what fun would a Pumpkin PaZOOla be without pumkins. ;-)

She likes to mimic very much and has said things like, "bite mama." :-S She LOVES to sing. At church on Sunday there were at least three songs she kept singing even after the music had stopped. All one has to do to get her to start is hum or sing a few lahs or dahs. :-D I love her little voice!

She's been able to interact a little more when we go out lately with her newish abilty of being able to pull and hold herself up. She really enjoys interacting with other little kids. It's so fun seeing her pretty little face light up when she's excited about something. Ah, but along with the standing is falling and my poor little munchkin develops a couple new bruises everday it seems. :-S

We've been trying more and more foods and I think if she gets a few more teeth she'll be eating along with the rest of us all the time. It's fun watching the messes she makes when I give her food and let her play. It's sort of fun watching her make messes even if I don't give her something. She's such a little explorer!

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