Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Wordless Wednesday: Tummy Time+

Well, almost wordless.  Less words than normal?..

Tummy Time

^A poor pic of my little K-Man a little upset from being on his tummy... 
Or maybe it was all the joyful screeches coming from his all too hyper siblings
that put this sour look on his oh-so-sweet face.


Seems like they're playing nice together...  Right?

But then there's a shift in the mood... 
Austin is holding Nayeli back.
She wants to drive into the bowling pins,
that Austin worked so hard to set up all in a row...
He can't allow it.

OH NO!  Open palm!!  The look on her face!!

The look on HIS face!
Oh dear.

Whatever shall we do with these littles???
Hitting is NOT okay!

(The night went on just fine, incase you wondered. 
She apologized,
they took turns bowling and running over the pins... 
Oh my little darlings,
how I love them so!)


I am Harriet said...

So sweet!
Have a great Wednesday!

jen@odbt said...

Oh the joys! Looks like he's saying talk to the hand. Glad they worked it out - they're going to have to work together. Like when they figure out they can team up against #3 like my kids did until #3 got big enough to stand up to them).

blueviolet said...

My kids always hated tummy time too.

LOL to the bowling pin predicament!

He & Me + 3 said...

Mine hated tummy time too. They would always spit up.
Your children are cute. Good to know other children hit their siblings. Even though it is not OK. :)

Alicia said...

LOL @ the open hand!!!!!!!!!!

A Lady Called Amy said...

**I'm wondering if I should have left a side note about how I was not just letting that fight between the kiddos go on while I snapped away... I was telling them to take turns, and telling Austin to stop pestering his sister. I thought he'd just change the direction of her little push cart like he usually does. I was wrong. (Not that Austin is the one who lost his temper, I think that's why it surprised me!) ;-S**

Foursons said...

Hahahahaha- Love that you captured that on "film"!

momstheword said...

That's what I assumed you were doing. It's sort of like a documentary with mom doing a commentary in the background, lol! "Now play nice! No it's not nice to hit. No, we don't pull hair...." etc.

Yeah, my dogs do "fight" and wrestle and it's ridiculous how much noise they make! They are noisier than the kids!