Thursday, September 17, 2009

Thankful Thursday! Autumn is Here... Almost.

I would like to start Thankful Thursday!

**Thankful Thursday is a day to blog about something you are thankful for, or to recall a blessing in your life! There is so much negativity in the world and I think everyday would be better if we could remember more of the good, and see that others experience it as well. :-D Please blog about your thanks/blessing and then link to McLinky.**  This is my first try using McLinky and I know I don't have a bunch of followers, but as time goes on hopefully more people will be able to share what they are thankful for here.

Yesterday the kids and I went on a walk. Normally this would be a ten minute walk, but Jeremy left for work with the umbrella stroller in the car, and I wasn't about to lug out the double stroller with how pregnant I am right now, so it turned into an hour and a half walk!

I wasn't sure how Nayeli would do as she is only a year and a half, but to my surprise it was a wonderful little adventure!
The kids noticed a few leaves on the ground and decided to take a break from walking and just sit and play.
I was so grateful for the time out of the house, the overcast sky, (it's hot at 38 weeks pregnant!) and my beautiful little children. Their curiousity amazes me. When we moved on from the leaves we found some crazy little bugs and I think the children enjoyed those as much as the leaves.
I enjoyed it all! Thank God for the changing of the seasons, adventurous little souls, and clouds. :-) Go figure. ;-)
It's YOUR turn!  Please join in for Thankful Thursday!  Let the world know what good is in your life! 
Linking through McLinkey will close at 7:20pm tomorrow Pacific time. 
And when you blog about it please don't forget to mention where you first heard about it, so others too can share their stories through McLinkey here.  :-)

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A Lady Called Amy said...

Well, my 1st thankful Thursday didn't get many results, but then again, it was closer to Friday than Thursday when I put it out there. I will keep trying. Can't wait to hear about the good in others lives. :-D