Wednesday, September 16, 2009

9/15/09: Off He Goes!

A couple of pictures of us ready to send our "little" Austi Bug off to pre-school for the first time. Dah had school himself so that left poor mama having to do the "dirty" work. :-P It wasn't so bad. I knew he'd love it, and of course he did. I only almost cried, but then I made a call to Grandma Green and let her know how proud and excited I was for Austin. The time went fast and I'm excited to send him off to many more days of school. It's so fun listening to him talk about his day! :-D Hopefully he'll get past the point of wanting to not leave when I come get him. We got McDonalds as a 1st day snack yesterday, but the budget won't allow for that, nor will our bodies, every Tuesday and Thursday. ;-)

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