Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Austin's 1st Day of Pre-School!

Austin was great on his very first day of school! We were the 2nd family there and we met up with Austin's friend Aiden who he met at orientation. Aiden was a little more nervous about starting school than Austin was, but Austin helped him feel at ease. (The teacher even told me after class that the two were nearly inseperable. :-D) Austin let me know that he was allowed to use scissors and cut an apple. :-O His favorite part of the day was playing outside. Much later in the evening I found out a girl had her birthday and she got a cupcake. She had brown hair. Austin seems to remember hair color better than names at this point. No matter what he remembers I love hearing about his day and the fact that he enjoys where he is! :-D


Anonymous said...

Austin is so adorable.

Nicole.Ann said...

Oh goodness look at how big he is getting!!! :)

I'm so happy he enjoyed his first day of preschool....too bad I couldn't be his teacher and then I could be there and play and sing with him lol ;) Preschool is my life currently!!!

I'm sure it's hard letting your first one start to go out on their own little by little but you have done SO good by him Amy!!! He's such an amazing little boy.