Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Where We've Been and What We've Been Up To

Spring/Summer has brought many adventures this year so far.  We have enjoyed rock/fossil hunting near Wilson Lake, several trips to Wichita for various reasons, including the NDSSW Annual picnic, and we've also been to Kanopolis Lake and Mushroom State Park as the picture collages in the previous post show.
Wilson Lake
Gramma Glora's Porch (During visit for NDSSW)
Sleeping on the way home from one of our excursions.

Kheaven is crawling now!  He mostly does the army crawl, but he is starting to alternate his legs when he moves.  He can also stand while holding on to furniture and/or fingers.  He loves to give kisses, sing and play pat-a-cake.  The coolest thing he's done as far as motor skills go recently is pop open a flip top on a water bottle!
Nayeli keeps learning new words and using them in sentences.  She is starting to have real conversations and she loves talking on her toy cell phone!  At the park she compliments other little girls, saying how much she likes their shoes or hair.  She is quite the entertaining sprite!  This past week she decided she wanted to try and sit on her baby brother twice.  He didn't seem to mind, but I wasn't ecstatic about it.  She climbs on him like she wants him to crawl around with her on his back.  Silly girl!
Austin is having fun running around outside, kicking the soccer ball around, and playing basketball.  We had a couple of storms last week and they didn't knock the basketball hoop down, but instead bent and snapped.  We may need to work on getting a new one.
Austin with some of his best friends.

I have been going through all of our things getting ready for my very first rummage sale.  I can't say I'm excited because I have NO IDEA what I'm doing!  I am far too much of a perfectionist to just have things outside for people to buy... and working in retail for ten years isn't helping.  I want everything to look like it would in a store to optimize selling, and that's just too much work!
Some things we're looking forward to doing in the near future are visiting our local water park and possibly visiting WI in August just before school starts!  We've been busy and had so many fun times during that busy-ness!  Hope all of you have been having a great spring/summer as well!!!


He & Me + 3 said...

BEautiful pictures. YOur children are just precious. Sounds like you have been busy.

Nicole.Ann said...

Amy that picture of you with Kheaven is amazing!!