Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Home Schooling: Online School and Other Updates

Bubs is now enrolled in an online school. I am being blessed with the opportunity to play a major roll in his schooling and I will still have the security of being with a public school. I am considered a learning coach and he will still have an education specialist who is a certified teacher from our state. He will have regular assessments so I will be able to see if I am adequately teaching him. I am SO excited!

As of late, part of our bedtime routine is singing with baby. Both Bubs and Boo are doing a great job matching pitch and tone with me. Bubs is even beginning to harmonize. I am so excited and proud! Baby is also impressing me with his desire to sing at nine months old. Boo was the same way though! My children are truly amazing!

The only other news on the "home schooling" front is that Bubs love of reading seems to have been rekindled. He's doing a great job on word recognition. He's also been doing some neat things, teaching himself to write words by looking at DVD/VHS cases and writing what he sees. He knows the words as well, since he is familiar with the movies. It's great!

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