Saturday, August 29, 2009

Some of the Latest

Fishing at Indian Rock.
This is a pic for fellow fisher family members and friends. Thought you might like to see this adorable little fisher girl in action. :-) We didn't catch anything, but we had fun doing it! ;-)

Beautiful Bell and her mama.
Figured I'd capture Nayeli's beautiful smile with me next to it!

Sleeeepy Baby Girl.
As hungry as she was the evening this picture was taken, she couldn't quite finish her food. I picked her from the chair and set her in bed right after I snapped this classic asleep while eating pic.

All Growed Up!
When we're not actively playing together or cuddling this is what Nayeli sees Jeremy and I doing and it looks like she wants to be just like us. She seriously knows how to do things to the computer that I have no clue how to do... or to undo. It's a little scary, but adorable at the same time!

Cheesin' It Up with Dah.
Yep-They're dorks, and we wouldn't have it any other way. Aren't they a couple of the cutest ones you've ever seen? They're a couple of the cutest ones I've ever seen, that's for sure! Funny thing, to me, is that they didn't see each other's faces before I took the picture, they're just that in tune with each other. ;-)

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