Friday, August 14, 2009

Accepting Myself

I have recently read about something called EFT.

--EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique)--
A site that talks about it.

Also, here's a free seven part online manual that tells you exactly how to apply it to yourself or someone else: Manual

I am interested in it and have been trying it out. I have slept better since starting the routine and mostly I have been in a better mood. I didn't realize how much unresolved negative feelings I carry with me. I know I stuff feelings down and don't deal with a lot, but the EFT practices are really pointing a lot out to me. Sometimes I'm still not quite sure what word to give my feelings and that itself frustrates me. I would like to deal with and let go of all of the icky stuff from my past. I pray before/during/after what I do. If you'd like to pray that I can be more at peace that would be appreciated too.

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