Thursday, July 30, 2009

A Year and a Half

Now, at 1.5 years old, Nayeli is learning some new tricks! She gets in and out of her own bed, out of her high chair when she's done eating, on and off the couch of course. She is starting to count. Her favorite numbers are five and nine. She never stops talking, although what she's saying isn't quite clear. She still hates baths and showers, but thinks water guns and fire crackers are funny. She likes doing things on her own. She's great on stairs, up and down, but if you carry her down a set of them she gets scared... once again, she'd rather do it herself! She loves any music we put on. She will sing or dance to it. When she gets mad she bangs her head on things. :-S

She likes her dah to put her to sleep at night. He pats her tummy and that's what she wants. She isn't afraid to tell on her big brother, and by tell on I mean scream and point. She likes to kiss and cuddle with him too though. :-)

She doesn't act like she needs to be the center of attention, but when she is the center of attention she hams it up. It's entertaining and oh so sweet!

I'd have to say overall she's a pretty cool kid and I'm glad she's mine! :-D Can't wait to see what the next half a year brings. ;-D

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