Sunday, July 5, 2009

My American Girl

Nayeli had a nice July 4th this year. I think she wanted to be a little bigger or faster so she could keep up with her big brother but she had lots of fun of her own. At our picnic she got to go down the slide a bunch of times. She can do it all on her own and she loves it!

While Austin found friends to play with before the fireworks show here in Salina, Nayeli entertained herself by playing with some dirt/pebbles.

She wanted to run around but the hill we were on was a little to steep for her. She enjoyed watching the other kids.

Her favorite part of the day though, from what I can judge, was the fireworks. :-) She oohed and ahhed at the "pitty lights." She would say "OH!" when there were booms. She giggled like crazy and I think she thought all the booms were beats because she rocked and danced her baby bottom off! At one point after a number of fireworks went off Nayeli shouted "Oh Man!" It was so cute, especially since no one else was using that phrase. She just pulled it out of nowhere. I'm glad she was scared of the lights or noises.

What a sweet little princess!

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