Sunday, July 5, 2009

Not Scared of Nothin', No how!

Austin on the 4th!

Austi wasn't scared of the fireworks this year! He had a great time playing and learning how to cook out at our picnic! He didn't want to eat, but he was enjoying family time. He made a friend, Emmy, at the park. They had lots of fun on the merry-go-round.

He was excited all day, and kept asking for ear plugs, but we watched the fireworks from a distance so they weren't all that loud. He had the most fun with a little girl Shauna, he met while waiting for the fireworks to start. She is a year older than him and they chased eachother, played football and raced before the show. They sat on a blanket together to watch the fireworks and described each one. Austin saw a lot of circles. Shauna saw a lot of cupcakes. They liked the pretty colors and when a lot went off at once.

I think next year he may forget he ever thought they were loud and be even more excited! :-D

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