Thursday, April 16, 2009

Pictures Are A Bad Word

The other day I had asked Austin to grab my camera so I could take a few pictures of his sissy. He put his hand up and said, "no mama, no, don't say that word. that's bad!" I asked why it was bad to take pictures and he said, "no mama, don't say that word, that's a bad word." I laughed and said, "pictures is a bad word?" He replied, "No mama, don't say it, that's not good listening, don't say it." So then I just asked if he'd bring my camera and promised not to take anything of him. Gosh he's cute!!

We met a new neighbor kid yesterday. His name is Ryan and he lives about four doors away from us in a small apartment complex. He's three years old and very energetic. Austin had so much fun running around with him. They were throwing weeds at eachother and having the best time doing it. I'm glad we found another boy close by that he can run around with. :-D

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