Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Hike to Indian Rock (4/14/2009)

A week ago it was a beatifully sunny day and Jeremy and I decided to take the kids on the trail near our house to Indian Rock. We stuck Nayeli in the baby backpack and Austin had to make his own way. We started off with a little bit of a prediciment, the ditch we had to cross before climbing up the hill to the trail was full of rain water from two days earlier. Luckily, this time, we just needed to walk a little further into our back yard to find a place in the ditch where the water stopped. We all still needed to jump so our shoes did not get full of muck.

Austin did a great job keeping up with Jeremy's pace. I seemed to be the one that lagged behind. Instead of climbing up the huge rock/hill thing by our house we took another path around it. Some of the branches and bushes were a little prickly, but we got by alright. Then we were to Indian Rock. We walked up the road that people can take to the top for a short distance and then we trecked off the path so we were walking parallel with the river. Austin liked seeing the little waterfalls in the river where there were dams. I was a little jittery because we were sorta high up. Heights still aren't my favorite thing.

Finally we turned and were completely off any kind of path or worn down area and we trekked through some tall, itchy grass. Austin fell behind just a little in there, but before we knew it we were out.

We then walked down a hill and around a little woods and pond. Jeremy was eating some honey suckle and shared with Nayeli. Austin and I decided to pass on that.

Just after we came out of the wooded area Jeremy lifted a couple of rocks to hunt for snakes. We found some rolly pollies, centipedes and cockroaches, but no snakes.

Then we marched across the soccer field while Austin stayed up on the path, quite some distance ahead of us. After that we were home. It was a fun little trip!

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