Monday, September 6, 2010

Adoption: A Thought, A Yearning

I have always wanted to adopt. I have dreamed about it, but not in detail. After my youngest son was born with Down syndrome I became a part of a large online community, through which I was directed to Reece's Rainbow.
I don't think I ever contemplated adopting a child with special needs. I had a big enough fear about giving birth to a child with special needs, so willingly taking that on wasn't on my list of things to do. After looking through Reece's Rainbow the desire I have become increasingly aware of my desire to adopt. Having my baby made me realize I can handle a child with special needs. Not just handle though, the word makes me laugh. I love and cherish my son! He is amazing and I know another little one, with Down syndrome or without would be a blessing.
Financially I am not in a place to adopt right now. Career-wise, we are just starting to be on the right path. We live in a two bedroom apartment with five people, so our housing situation is not suitable for another family member yet. We are starting our journey though. I have been in contact with and am following blogs of people who are going through the adoption process. I am looking up and plotting out ways to save money, whether it's raising it or just not spending what we already have.
I feel determined, and I want to profess this publicly so I stay on course. I want to be held accountable. This is my dream. If there was ever a calling in my life, this is it. The feeling runs deep within me, it overtakes me. Whoever the baby or babies are that we're going to adopt, I love them, I know I do. I can't wait to meet them and to hold them... They might not even be born yet, but I am here for them, getting ready for them.
This is my family's journey. One of our many adventures!

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