Sunday, August 15, 2010

LVS: Two Days Down!

We made it through the first two days! It's a transition, but it's been fun so far. Phonics is our trouble spot. We haven't tried science or history yet. My plan is to make up the lessons we missed tomorrow. (Which is technically today.) That means we will have to do three classes before the day is over. Because of our struggle with phonics we are one lesson behind schedule. I don't quite think that's the case though because our teacher mentioned using Thursday as orientation, and there was a school picnic/social on Friday, so I don't think most kids were doing a full day of school before.

I haven't made any lesson plans of my own yet. I did, however, modify one of our projects. Instead of making paper bag puppets we made paper plate puppets.

I need to plan a library day for every week. I think it would be good to have a regular place which could be a different learning environment for Bubs. Boo could use the time away from home as well.

It's all so exciting. My eagerness and passion continue and grow.

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