Thursday, August 5, 2010

And He Sits!

Kheaven is, without a doubt, an amazing baby.
He rolled over at two and half weeks old, said "I love you," at three months, started "army" crawling at seven/eight months old...  He's even been able to hold himself at a standing position while holding on to furniture for a month or so, but he hasn't been able to sit.

I don't mind it horribly.  I love holding my sweet, silly little baby man.  Today though, after our physical therapist cut her appointment short he decided it was time!

~The way it happened was...  Today was Miracle Treat Day, a day where if you buy a Blizzard from DQ at least one dollar of the proceeds goes to the Children's Miracle Network.  Knowing that we planned, in advance, a DQ run.  
After Kheaven's appointment I rushed off for our tasty treat!  Upon my return I split a Blizzard between Austin and Nayeli and began to eat my own.  I realized I should take a picture of the kids, for our own memories and also to post my cuties enjoying their ice cream on the Children's Miracle Network facebook page.  So I got out my camera and snapped a couple pix of the kiddos.
I saw Kheaven on the floor and thought, well, he's cute, might as well get a pic of him too.  I began shooting.  I got down on my stomach to get a couple of different angles...  after my shooting spree I removed the camera from in front of my face and looked at Kheaven...
He was sitting!  And I got it all on camera!  :-)  My jaw dropped and I looked at Jeremey and stuttered, "Uh... uh..."  He asked what and I proceeded to tell him that unbeknownst to me our baby just sat up for the first time from a crawl while I was looking at and taking pictures of him.  :-)

He's done it again already today and I am SO proud.  I called the physical therapist and let her know.  She was proud too.  :-)  I guess all he needed was her showing him the right way to go from crawling to sitting.  :-)

*Happy Sigh*

Okay, there's my happy/proud mommy rant.  I'm sure there will be more.  Take care everyone!


Foursons said...

Way to go Kheaven! And great job Mom getting it on "film!"

Nicole.Ann said...


He & Me + 3 said...

That is awesome and you got it all on camera and now have it documented on your blog. HOoray!

I'm having a giveaway at my blog today if you want to stop by.

Amy, queen of the world. said...

First of all... LOVE your name!! ;)

Secondly, what a CUTE group of kiddos you got there! Yay for catching such an awesome milestone on film!!

And finally.. oh, how I wish we had a Dairy Queen here!

Muthering Heights said...

Awww, good for him for hitting this milestone!!! :D