Friday, December 24, 2010

Semester Break

We're at the middle of the year. Things went great for a while, but life handed us some lemons. Keeping up with everything is a little tough, but I'd really like to stick it through until the end of the year at least. It is my hearts desire (at least I think it is) to continue the K12 program next year as well, but I need to become more organized and efficient before I can make that decision. Also, I have to consider Bubs, where he is in life, and what is best for him. He is a social creature.

I don't like thinking about all the things he would be introduced to in a public school environment. How do I teach him what's right and wrong if I can't be there and know what is all being put into his head and by whom?

If I enroll him in a public school I will still teach him things at home, and have him involved in a couple of extra curricular groups. I want to gently lead him in the right direction.

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