Friday, March 6, 2009

Fun, Fun, Fun!

Today was a wonderful spring day! We've had a few of those around here lately!! Jeremy decided to go to Office Max and get a new computer with some of his tax returns, and he dropped the kids and I off at Kohls to use a gift card mom had given us for Christmas. (Our Kohls just opened.)

There were so many cool sales going on, and the place was packed as could be. When we arrived at 1:30pm there wasn't an empty spot around. Luckily Jeremy didn't need to park because he was going to Office Max. We went in and there was a humongous line, but we weren't checking out yet, so I wasn't worried. I applied for a Kohls charge card that I knew I wouldn't get, but because I applied I got an extra 15% off my purchase. :-)

Well, we got something for everyone. I got a fabulous pair of fancy snake skin flip flops. Austin got the travel version of Hungry, Hungry Hippos, also he got a charming green button up shirt to wear for Easter. Nayeli got an adorable two piece outfit, even though she doesn't need anymore clothes, and Jeremy got a new pair of sneakers which are brown and very sharp! Other than using the gift card we picked up a cute little purse for our new neighbor/friend who just turned six!

After our 15 minute wait in the Kohls line, which was even longer than when we came in the store we headed to Dillons to pick up my pay check. It was a bit busy and we were hungry so we got a nice $10 meal from the Chinese Kitchen and ate together while we people watched. Nayeli loved the chicken and Austin loved the rice. I grabbed a few things before we headed home and then we left.

Right when we got home we packed up Grace's present and ran, Austin ran, next door. We played outside for a little bit and then went in for dinner and fun. Austin played very nicely with Grace's cousin Elijah and Nayeli played nicely with everyone. Grace loved her purse, and stickers and hand sanitizer, and pencil with the squishiness all around it, and her little writing pad. I got to chat with Grace's mom a bit and then we came home.

I'm exhausted.

The past few days have been terrific outside, as I stated earlier and we have spent so much time playing and walking. I love the warmer weather!!! I'm really looking forward to summer, although spring is pretty awesome in itself. Yayyy for everything!

Austin just being the cutest bug. ;-)

They were actually playing nice together in this one.

Austin playing with Grace's new tree swing that's in our tree because there weren't any short enough in her yard.

The kids playing nicely together. (haha... they let me take a picture that looks like they're playing nicely together.)

Nayeli with a lolly.

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